About OEI

About OEI

OEI provides Outreach, Education, & Installations of CapTel Captioned Telephones. Our team is dedicated to helping you stay connected.


OEI works to get the word out that if you, or someone you care about, has difficulty hearing over the phone, we can provide a free Captioned Telephone to help. » Solutions for You


By providing greater access to information on all of the latest telecommunications tools, OEI helps those with hearing loss reconnect with family, friends, businesses and services. » Request Presentation / Training


OEI will come to your home or office to install your Captioned Telephone – at no charge! We provide all the necessary equipment to connect each CapTel phone, and we will work with you one-on-one to ensure you are confident using your new telephone. » Request Installation Assistance

CapTel Captioning Service is making a difference in people’s lives.