For Hearing Health Professionals


No Cost Captioned Telephones for Individuals with Hearing Loss

You can provide your patients with a no cost CapTel captioned telephone with your signed certification. » Certification


OEI collaborates with local hearing health professionals and organizations that support those with hearing loss, providing access to programs for no cost Captioned Telephone equipment. OEI builds lasting relationships within the hearing loss community, working collaboratively with you to make telephone access a reality.


OEI provides educational presentations about the benefits of Captioned Telephones and how to receive them; and we invite other service providers to participate in these events as additional resources. OEI can help increase your visibility in the community as a trusted resource for hearing-related solutions.


OEI provides free installations and training on Captioned Telephones, making sure each phone is installed correctly, and that every client receives one-on-one time with an Outreach Educator. It is our goal that every person connected with a captioned telephone is comfortable and confident using it.

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